1.       What is Pepoll?

Pepoll stands for Peoples Poll or in other words Real Opinions of Real People. An online power house you can term Pepoll as, giving you instant opinion from across the world on any topic under the sun. It can as trivial a query as which color shades goes with your face or a serious one like.  Should USA army intervene in Middle East? Pepoll is the Real Democracy, allowing you to instantly understand the pulse of real people, helping you take relevant decisions.

2.       Who can join Pepoll?

Pepoll can be joined by anyone who is 13 years or more. No upper age limit!!

3.       What platforms are Pepoll available?

Pepoll is at present a free web application, available for all desktop Operating systems including MS Windows & MAC OS, supporting all major browsers.  The Mobile application for iOS & Android devices is under development & should be released soon.

4.       Pepoll Process

 a)      How do I register?

You can register into Pepoll by using popular social logins like Facebook, Twitter or gmail. Or you can create an email based login, which will require you to validate the same for it to be activated.

b)      Ask a question

The process for asking a question is very simple. Fill the question field, choose appropriate image by uploading from your system or then online from Google images, select the category your question falls under, select your emotion about the question (normal, angry, smiling, excited etc), choose countries it has to be shown in or leave blank if it is a universal question. If you have a set of answer options, then you can fill up to a max of 3 answer options for the members to choose from when polling. If you don’t want to give any answer options then by default the answer options will be Agree or Disagree.

c)       Give Opinions

A logged in member can give an opinion based on the type of question uploaded. If question asker has input answer options then he can select from them or select “whatever” if he does not agree with any. If question asker has not specified any answer options then the default answer choice will be Agree / Disagree or whatever if he does not agree with either. He can also input his comments before voting though it is not mandatory. Once he casts his vote, in the succeeding page he can view the overall results which include Total votes, total comments, %age vote results. Once a member votes he cannot vote again on the same question but he can add comments further to it.

Member can also search for questions using search feature or just click next question to view questions based on his preferred categories & geographical location.

d)      Add Friends

Members can add friends based on his liking of the friends questions or opinions. Once added as a friend you will be notified via email on his new posts & vice versa. You will be able to private message with friends.

e)      Follow Members

Members whose questions or answers you like, you can follow. By following a member you will be getting notified on his new posts.

f)       Checking Your Responses / Activity

Under your profile, you can check the results of the questions you have posted under “Questions”. Under “Votes” & “Comments”, you can view the posts you have voted or commented on respectively. You can check all your notifications under “Notifications” link which is on top menu bar. “Activity” is a summary of your questions posted, friends made, your votes & comments etc.

g)      What are preferred categories & how to change them?

When creating your profile, you have to choose a minimum of 3 categories or sub-categories which you are most interested in. This will help Pepoll understand your interests & the questions you view prominently will be from these categories. Of course if there are no questions from the preferred categories you will be seeing random posts also.

You can edit preferred categories by logging into pepoll.com & then going to your name on top menu bar àSettingsàGeneral …at the bottom of the page you can choose new categories.

h)      What are Recommended Questions?

Recommended Questions are based on your preferred categories & your geographical locations. The System will accordingly show you the most recommended questions.

i)        What are Popular Questions?

Popular Questions are based on popularity of votes. You will see questions from the tags & from the same category based on votes popularity.

j)         How to find & add friends?

Under your ProfileàFriends , you can search for friends by name. Type in first 3 characters & you will see friends listed. You can then request to add as friend. The other member will receive an email & can also see as a new notification in his profile.

k)      How to cancel friendship?

Under your ProfileàFriends, you will see list of all your friends you can Cancel friendship here

l)        How to add an avatar?

You can add / change your profile avatar by logging into pepoll.com & then going to your name on top menu bar –>Settings–>Change Avataar

m)    How to reset my password?

You can reset password by logging into pepoll.com & then going to your name on top menu bar –>Settings–>General

n)      How to edit profile?

You can change your profile by logging into pepoll.com & then going to your name on top menu bar –>Settings–>Edit Profile

o)      How to delete profile?

You can delete your profile by logging into pepoll.com & then going to your name on top menu bar –>Settings–>Delete Profile

p)      Why was my question disabled?

Pepoll stands for Real Democracy which means being fair & square with your questions & opinions. It is an instant real time method to ask & receive opinions. As a Pepoller, there are certain basic dos & donts you should maintain so that questions asked & opinions given remains relevant, honest, polite and fun filled. It should be helpful to fellow Pepollers.

So if your questions don’t fit certain basic guidelines keeping in mind the above points, Pepoll admin has the right to bring down the question, though not obliged to.

What you should do?

  • Ask or Give clean & to the point questions or opinions
  • Since it is public platform, make sure you are aware what you are displaying since it can be well read by anyone
  • Try & help others find solutions to their issues, fun or serious. Cause then you will also receive helpfl answers to your questions
  •  Be Ethical & Responsible….again it is public platform
  • Keep your language clean and be honest in your opinions.
  • Always keep your login details safe & logout if you are in a public place.

What you should not do?

  • NO Racist remarks
  • NO hate comments
  • Try to be someone else or hide credentials
  • Any form of harassment or privacy infringement to fellow Pepollers
  • Post copyrighted content as yours, both image & text.
  • Pretend to be someone you are not or claim false credentials.
  • Post any obscenity or excessively violent links.
  • Do not blindly go by other peoples opinion, be judgmental and take decision at your own discretion.
  • Pepoll is not for vendetta or taking your anger on someone, so please don’t do that

q)      How do I get my account reinstated?

You can write to us at help@pepoll.com with your user name & we will consider it.